CONTACT A PROPOS 13 Décembre 2017
Meteo Sainte-Maxime

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Detail de la demande d'embarquement déposée le 24/10/2017 :

Date de départ souhaitée : 01/12/2017
Date d'arrivée souhaitée : 31/03/2018

Lieu de départ souhaité : LAS PALMAS, ISLAS CANARIAS
Lieu d'arrivée souhaité : BRAZIL OR ARGENTINA

Type de navigation souhaité : Hauturier
Zone de navigation souhaitée : Océan Atlantique
Commentaire : Hi everybody,
I am a travel passionate looking for meetings. I love learning, sharing, creating and experimenting. I am also a lover of nature. I love watching it and listening to it. That's one of the reasons I'm a vegetarian.
And what about what I do in my life? I take time, I have fun, I see my family, my friends, I meditate, I cook, I do what I am passionate about.
But mostly right now I'm saddled on my travel bike that I have mounted myself in an associative bike workshop and I go around the world. First major stage: South America through Spain, then Morocco and finally sailboat-stop from the Canary Islands to join the Latin lands.
I do this journey because I want to slow down, to try to live a slow and peaceful life, to meet new faces, to discover new cultures, to learn from the experience of people, to work by traveling and to try new jobs, to live so!
I attach importance to meetings during my trip. Amazing exchanges can be created.
I have this dream of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sail boat. I want to live an experience on this kind of boat, meet new people, learn skills, face challenges. So maybe see you soon, at the corner of a street, on the landing of a door, or around a beer and exciting discussions!

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